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Jun 04, 19   Ali   0 Comment Articles, Interviews, Magazine, Video

Julia is featured as part of the Variety Actors on Actors series this year and she sat down with fellow actor Patricia Arquette. Here is a video of the full interview. Performers taking part in our Actors on Actors conversations usually come prepared. But Patricia Arquette has done more than her share of homework when […]

Dec 06, 18   Ali   0 Comment Articles

Meghan Markle may have left her acting days behind when she married into the royal family, but Julia Roberts can still partially take credit for her career. The now Duchess of Sussex, 37, shared in a Glamour profile back in August 2017 that Roberts, 51, inspired her to act, and the Oscar winner was thrilled […]

Oct 25, 18   Ali   0 Comment Articles, Co-Stars, Homecoming

It’s not every day one can say they once saved Julia Roberts’ life. But her “Homecoming” costar Shea Whigham can. “Did she tell you how I saved her life?” Whigham asked Variety Wednesday night at the Amazon series’ premiere in Los Angeles. The two were shooting a scene together on the first day of production […]

Apr 18, 18   Ali   0 Comment Articles

People is ready to release their Beautiful Issue this week. They asked some celebrities including Julia what the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to them. Julia Roberts “When my own mother said I had become an incredible parent.”

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