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September 12, 2018

Julia is at the Toronto Film Festival and talks with Entertainment Weekly about Sissy Spacek playing her mother in Homecoming.

Besides the fact that she’s Sissy Spacek, the legendary actress was the perfect choice to play Julia Roberts mom in Amazon’s Homecoming since she’s known Roberts for almost 40 years.

Both Spacek and Roberts were on hand to promote their new series during a stop at PEOPLE/EW’s TIFF studio on Friday. “I met her when she was 13, so I feel very connected to her in a real familial kind of way,” said Spacek, revealing that she had been friends with Roberts’ older brother Eric and met the actress when she came to visit New York City as a teenager.

Even though Roberts had known Spacek for that long, it didn’t stop her from being over the moon when creator Sam Esmail shared the news of Spacek’s involvement in Homecoming.

“I mean, the casting of Sissy Spacek as my mother, it was just one of those moments… I got off the phone with Sam and I was like, ‘This can’t be happening.’”

Homecoming premieres Nov. 2 on Amazon.

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